Facts_And_Myths.jpgCanada stands out as a model in the Western world for correctional rehabilitation and recidivism control programs. At the expense of in-depth criminological and psychological analyses, both of which have now been relegated to the lowest rank, these correctional programs are presented as the key to success in the efforts dedicated to control recidivism. However, it is first and foremost a belief based on a naive vision of human plasticity. But so far, no independent external investigations have yet been carried out on the actual costs and benefits of these programs. And even worse, the scientific literature provides all the evidence to help conclude that these behavioural programs have no overall effectiveness on an inmate population often plagued with hard-core criminals who have learned to provide the answers a case worker will want to hear. Using these funds to provide those convicts with the real educational and vocational training they often lack would be a much more efficient use of public funds and would be of a much safer assistance to them when they really decide to take charge.

Illustration : indianatransgendernetwork.com