Dear English-speaking reader,
Until you learn a bit of French (!), some of my researches have been translated.

French riots and the sociology of poor neighborhood :

  • A general analysis on French riots of 2005 (2009) : click here
  • Judicial processing of juveniles: the case of rioters "déférés" in november 2005 (2007) : click here
  • Rap music and French society as viewed by youth of the "cités" (1999) : click here

Interpersonal Violence :

  • Are we living in a more violent society? A Socio-Historical Analysis of Interpersonal Violence in France, 1970s–Present (2010) : click here.
  • Rape cases brought to assizes courts : typology and geographical variations (2010).
  • Homicide in France since the 1970s : statistical analysis and overall trends (2009) : click here
  • Criminal investigations in homicide cases (2004) : click here
  • Demographic and social characteristics of murderers and their victims (2004) : click here
  • A Study of Murder : Perpetrators and victims (2002) : click here.
  • Some Aspects of violence in social relations: deliberate assault and battery tried by a Paris area correctionnel court in the year 2000 (2006) : click here.

Juvenile delinquency :

  • Juvenile delinquency: evolution and lessons for prevention (Cities for children. European city network. 2nd annual conference 6-7 may 2008, Stuttgart, p. 15-19) : click here
  • A research on gang rape cases : judicial data and sociological analysis (2005), click here
  • Questioning the "Parental Abdication" Theory. What Research Schows (2000) : click here.

French security policies :

French history and actual debate on criminology :

History of sociology in France :